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How To Start a Cleaning Business

Posted on April 12, 2015 at 12:36 PM Comments comments (41)
Are you thinking about starting an office cleaning business? 

I've been running a success house and office cleaning business for over 17
years and this book has helped me to tweak some of the areas that I was
struggling with. I wish I had discovered it years ago. 

I highly recommend it before you start.  It gives you everything you need and
tells you what to expect in order to run a successful office cleaning business.

Some of the points this book covers are:

  • How to Start An Office Cleaning Business
  • 3 More Services You Can Add to Your Office Cleaning Business
  • How To Start an Office Cleaning Business On A Shoestring Budget
  • Start a New Office Business This Way
  • The Difference In House Cleaning and Office Cleaning
  • Free Networking to Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts
  • Cleaning Small Offices vs Large Office Buildings
  • Franchise Office Cleaning or Do It Yourself

If you are interested in House Cleaning instead of Office Cleaning, there is a link on this website that provides that option as well. 

Hiring a House Cleaning Company

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 9:36 PM Comments comments (1)
     Years ago house cleaning was considered a luxury but today as more and more moms are returning to the workplace, house cleaning is becoming more a necessity.  As a result, families are resorting to hiring a house cleaning company to
keep up with the house cleaning duties.

When hiring a house cleaning company, you'll want to consider a few important things.

1)  Make sure the the company has insurance. You don't want to have a liability problem on your hands from an accident taking place in your house. Always ask if they have liability insurance and workers comp if they have employees.

2)  Find out how long the company has been in business. Are they a fly by night company or have they consistently been cleaning people's homes successfully for years?  The more years of experience, the better for you.

3)  Do they hire their own employees or do they subcontract the work out to other companies. Employee based companies are a better choice if you want to ensure quality. Also, ask if they will have the same people cleaning your house every time. The same person every time will become more familiar with your house ensuring a higher quality of cleaning. 

4)   Did someone personally walk through your house, and get the specifics of how you want your house cleaned before they started?  Make sure you walk through your house with the cleaning person and tell them what you want. Also find out if you'll have to provide the cleaning supplies and vacuum.

Overall, its not hard to find a house cleaning company to clean your house, it's just a little more challenging finding the "right cleaning company" to clean your house. 

Be sure to use your "gut instinct" when deciding on a company to clean your house. If you don't like the person or company, look somewhere else!  :)